Alopecia Talk

Alopecia Talk

There has been alot of talk about alopecia and a ton of miseducation about alopecia. Alopecia an occur in women, men and children. Most perdominatlely in the black and hispanic people. There are many forms of alopecia and today we will explore the different types. 

*Alopecia Areata-Sudden hair loss starts with a circular bald patch

This can begin at any age and can see hair regroth within 12 months and may or maynot fall out again.

*Alopecia Telogen Effluvium-Reversable condition where hair falls out after a stressful experience

*Alopecia Anagen Effuvium-An abnormal hair loss during the first phase of hair growth cycle

*Alopecia Totalis-Hair loss that affects the whole head including eyelashes and brows

*Alopecia Universalis-Hair loss all over the body meaning the entire epidermis is free from hair, most severe form

*Alopecia Areata Barbae- Hair loss limited to the male beard

*Androgenic Alopecia-Common for women and men genes do play a part in causing this type of alopecia


Please reach out to a dermatologists for solutions and exam for proper diagnosis.,

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